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8 Ways to Destress and Recharge Over The Weekend

January 27, 2017
10 Ways to Destress and Recharge Over the Weekend

Happy weekend everyone! Today I’m sharing my tried and tested tips for a relaxing, stress-free weekend.

Do a social media detox. 

We are constantly bombarded with emails, updates and notifications. In a world where we’re reachable almost 24/7, it’s important to log out and power off. If you have work obligations that require you to be near your phone or computer, try logging out of any unnecessary apps (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, ect…) and stick to checking your devices only when needed.

Get moving.

It might seem couterointuatuve to workout after an exhausting week at work, but your body will benefit from some form of  physical activity. On the weekend, I opt for more restorative forms of exercise such as yoga, pilates or a brisk walk outdoors.

Try something new. 

If you find disconnecting from the workweek difficult, try implementing a new activity into your weekend. It can be as simple as trying a new yoga studio or testing your culinary skills in a cooking class.

Learn to say NO.

Social obligations often fill up our weekends keeping us as busy and active as the week prior. If you’re craving some R&R, honor that by politely declining.

Make a plan. 

One of the best things you can do to prepare for a healthy week is to plan your menu. You can easily set yourself up for success by visiting your local market and picking up fresh produce, lean protein and healthy grains for the week.

Prepare yourself for a deep and restful sleep.

Consider implementing a nighttime ritual to prepare your mind & body for a quality nights sleep. I often turn off all technology 1-2 hours before bed, take a warm bath and curl up with a book and some chamomile tea. Find what works for you and stick with it for the week to come.

When in doubt, write it out. 

If you’re constantly feeling frazzled by your to-do lists and full inbox, take time to write a detailed plan to conquer your current tasks at hand. Not only will writing everything down help you relax, you’ll also be prepared for the following week.

Take time out for some self-love. 

It’s important to give yourself a little TLC after a long week. Get a manicure/pedicure, treat yourself to a new book or make a healthy, homemade breakfast. (My Swedish pancake recipe is divine.)

Wishing all of you a healthful & restful weekend!

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