Stop Asian Hate, Stop All Hate

March 19, 2021
Stop Asian Hate, Stop All Hate

I wanted to share a few words from my journal – the space where I retreat when the world feels exceedingly heavy. My thoughts are endlessly with those who have lost someone to or have been impacted by racial violence. Stop Asian hate, stop all hate.

I’m sitting here at my desk,

taking a moment to exhale –

after a horrific news week,

after a year of gruesome headlines,

years of gruesome headlines –

trying to digest indefensible, blatant actions,

trying to absorb arbitrary, dehumanizing responses. 

All of this

part of a system,

violence fueled by hate,

deeply entrenched into the fabric of this country.

“A bad day…” is what they said.

In actuality, it is:


White supremacy




Racial misogyny

Racial capitalism


A cesspool of strategically inflicted and chosen ignorance concretize these practices, these policies, this culture dangerously into its place – 

dissolved into normalcy

not hidden, in plain sight.

Power, in all its plurality, the only motive – fear the puppet strings.

I’m sitting here at my desk,

taking a moment to exhale – 

wondering how I will explain this to my biracial babies someday –

and my heart just breaks.

Anti-Asian Violence Resources

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