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My Top 5 Favorite Yoga Classes on YouTube

June 21, 2017
My Top 5 Favorite Yoga Classes on YouTube

In honor of International Yoga Day today, I’m sharing my go-to YouTube classes!

I haven’t always been a yogi. In fact, I used to loath the idea of yoga. I thrived off of being a devoted gym-goer and swore by intense cardio and grueling strength training sessions. Then I stumbled upon hot yoga which completely changed my body and challenged my preconceived notions around this ancient practice.

I began to feel lighter. My shoulders were no longer tight and hunched towards my ears. My chest opened up improving my posture and making it easier to breathe. My lower back issues dissipated and were replaced with a sense of vitality and ease. I gained a tremendous amount of strength physically but also mentally. Life just seemed to run smoother.

As a beginner, the key is to find a studio where you can learn the fundamentals with the assistance of a certified teacher who can correct your postures and positioning.  I also think it’s important to find a instructor that you love. I instantly connected with an instructor named DJ at my first yoga studio years ago. She was always wearing cowboy boots and cutoffs when she came to the studio. Her “I-don’t-give-a-shit” vibe probably made yoga seem more relatable and less intimidating to me at the time.

How ever you come to your mat, whether it’s to gain strength or to improve your flexibility, give it time. Time to find the place where you feel most comfortable while practicing. Time to find the instructors with classes that keep you coming back for more. But most of all, find time for yourself to dive into the world of yoga to experience its boundless benefits for yourself.

Tara Stiles: Yoga Weight Loss and Balance Workout

Yoga With Adriene – Side Body Flow

Boho Beautiful – Morning Yoga Perfection

Kristin McGee – Yoga for Abs

Popsugar Fitness – Power Yoga For a Tight Core and Butt






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