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There’s Just Something About Sunday

March 5, 2017
There's Just Something About Sunday

There’s just something about Sunday that sends me into a complete and utter state of bliss. Perhaps it’s the natural leisure of the day that devours my spirit, leaving little space for anything other than relaxation before the coming week. Mornings are fueled by bottomless cups of Earl Gray and some sort of confection that requires a generous drizzle of maple syrup. A trip to my favorite coffee shop, Vivace, often follows brunch. Today, I occupied the end of a long, red booth with my husband where we shared various sections of The New York Times and glances mutually implying our satisfaction of the well crafted macchiatos. Ella Fitzgerald swelled through the background serenading everyone with her rich, dynamic vocals. A general sense of contentment swept across me as I noted the simplicity of the small ceramic cup I was clutching with my newspaper ink stained hands.

Sunday afternoons are less predictable but usually involve a trip to the market where I study the seemingly endless rows of fresh produce in search for the heartiest brunches of latticino kale and ripest blood oranges. I’ll often traipse through a bookstore (or three) before setting off towards home. Once there, I prefer to be in my happy space, the kitchen, swarmed by the scent of sweet cinnamon and savory shallots wafting through the house. If the evenings conclude with dinner at home, a glass of pinot and a 1960’s film then my contentment is at its maximum.

So where have I been these past few weeks? I’ve been on a couple of planes, visited family and landed myself in the emergency room for the first time. I’ve also been balancing work and taking the personal time and space I need to make concise decisions. It’s been a year of complete chaos accompanied with a feeling of incapability to stay in one place for more than a moment. I believe that’s where my infatuation with Sunday comes from. The normalcy of an unstructured day that is filled with the possibility of anything or simply nothing at all is truly magical to me.

I’m certainly glad to be back here and connecting with each and every one of you. With that, I send you my well wishes for a healthy and productive week ahead.

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