Living Well

I See You

July 1, 2020

I see you.

Let me hold your pain, your heart, your hand.

I want to know what drives your fire and what breaks your heart.

The noise of this world can be paralyzing. Let’s drown it out with the nectar that is true connection –

locked eyes, open hearts, trust coating every word.

How do we begin to dismantle the deleterious ways of being that masked themselves as protective – an escape from heartbreak and disappointment?

The numbing.

The obsessions.

The running away from.

These behaviors, a roaring sea of self-destruction, masked as a safe harbor.

“Let go,” they say.

So little by little we sit, reflect, ponder, be –

each on a unique journey of unlearning.



When you start to chip away at all that’s kept you closed and broken, what seeps through the scars?

What will you grab with your newly empty hands that once clinged to the illusion of ‘safe’?

Last weeks, midnight musings – copied from the smudged, inky pages of my Moleskine. Is anyone else writing more in quarantine? I don’t normally share my poetry, but I figured if there was ever a time…

Wishing everyone good health.

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