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Everyday Zero-Waste Essentials

July 18, 2018
Everyday Zero-Waste Essentials

I recently wrote a blog post titled, “Simple Tips To Reduce Plastic Pollution,” where I shared some of the staggering data surrounding plastic consumption and waste. While it’s important to assess the facts, it’s even more important to take those facts into account and take action.

As the Zero-Waste Movement continues to grow in popularity, it’s important to remember that even the smallest, micro changes can make a tremendous impact. Any sustainable action you can implement into your routine is effectual.

So today, I’m spilling the contents of my bag to show you my everyday zero waste essentials.


Packing your own beverage containers is likely the easiest first step when wanting to reduce your plastic consumption.

I keep my:


A small to medium sized food storage container is handy for packing your lunch, gabbing to-go meals (skip the takeout container), or bringing leftovers home from a restaurant.


Saying ‘NO’ to disposal silverware is easy with brands like To-Go Ware that make convenient bamboo travel utensils that come in an easy to carry pouch.


One of my favorite finds this past year has to be reusable produce bags. They’re lightweight, machine-washable and eliminate the need for the plastic baggies provided by most grocers.


While redundant, it’s still worth mentioning reusable shopping bags. Not only are they great for reducing plastic consumption at the grocery store, but also beneficial in any situation where you’re offered a bag.

These are just a few small tips and beneficial products that I’ve discovered over the years. If you have any questions or further recommendations, please comment below!

Everyday Zero-Waste Essentials

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