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10 Simple Ways To Feel Good This Weekend

June 22, 2018

Debaucherous weekends are a blast, but often leave you feeling a little lackluster both physically and mentally come Monday. Let’s switch it up this weekend with these ‘10 Simple Ways To Feel Good This Weekend.’


Take a moment to plan for the upcoming week by reviewing your obligatory commitments and needs. From there, you can streamline your calendar for optimal productivity.

This could include:

  • Creating a meal plan and grocery list that coincides.
  • Writing a master to-do list, separating school, work and personal matters.
  • Mapping out your wardrobe for the week. Don’t forget to drop off any dry cleaning and keeping your gym essentials in mind too.
  • Making space in your schedule for things like self-care and exercise.


Who wouldn’t want a healthy release of endorphins, improved sleep quality and some hot abs + a juicy booty? Both the mental and physical benefits of exercise make this tip self-explanatory and a no-brainer.


The weekend is a great time to connect with your passions outside of work or school. This is the optimal time to volunteer, try that new workout class or take those art lessons you’ve always wanted to. Do something with your community, with your hands that makes you feel good and that connects you with likeminded people.


While you’re busy connecting with your passions and community, don’t forget to disconnect from technology. We spend so much time burrowed in our digital worlds that we often forget the value of organic conversation, deep connection and the beauty of doing nothing at all.


Most of us spend the weekdays rushing around from one thing to the next, making the idea of coming home to cook, well…dreadful. With time being more abundant on the weekend, why not cook a gorgeous meal for yourself or loved ones? Find a recipe on Pinterest, visit your local farmer’s market and get in the kitchen. NOTE: This is also an excellent opportunity to make extras for lunch the following week.


As a wellness writer, I’m often asked, “Do you drink/eat anything unhealthy/skip workouts?”

Answer: You bet!

I’ve never written from a place of authority or judgement. I am human and an imperfect one at that. Truthfully, I feel my best when I’m exercising regularly, getting plenty of sleep and eating healthy. I genuinely enjoy it. But, I also believe that indulging moderately is just as important as getting your greens.

I hate when people toss around the word balance like it’s easy, but it’s so important to understand what that means for you. I live a pretty healthy lifestyle most of the time, so if I feel like eating french fries and enjoying a few glasses of pinot one night, I don’t think twice.

This weekend, absolutely enjoy that pasta and wine with your girlfriends or those homemade cookies you love so much. That’s balance, babe.


The data is clear. Getting enough sleep is imperative for our health and cognitive function. Yet how many of us actually take this into account? This weekend, put an extra emphasis on getting enough ZZZ’s and streamlining your sleep hygiene routine. You can find all of my sleep tips HERE.


Another fantastic way to disconnect is to get out in nature. Here in Seattle, we’re close to everything from the Cascade Mountains to the Pacific Ocean, so great hikes and beach parks are bountiful. If I’m staying in the city, I love to ride my bike or run along the Burke-Gilman Trail. Despite your climate or geographical location, there’s something beautiful and beneficial for you to explore outside this weekend.


Take some time to tidy up your space. Clutter can often be distracting or anxiety-provoking without us really realizing it. I like to wash my bedding every weekend, clean my bathroom and buy fresh flowers for my kitchen. These little steps make a tremendous impact on how I feel come Monday morning. Find what makes you feel good and do it!


Reach out to someone you love this weekend and let them know just how much they mean to you. This is something we don’t do often enough. Not only will you be making somebody else feel great, but you too will also feel good.

Comment below with your weekend routine. I would absolutely LOVE to hear from you.

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